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Metra and Business

BYB Test 8
First Published - 12/23/2016 - 11:34AM

BYB Test 8 on About Metra

Last Updated - 12/23/2016 - 11:34AM

Advertising Opportunities

We offer a variety of opportunities featuring effective advertising space. Unlike radio, TV, newspapers or magazines that also feature ads for other products, on many Metra materials, your message will be the only one seen by thousands of passengers.

Below you will find a wide selection of mediums on which to advertise. For program parameters and capabilities in greater detail, use the listed contact or contact Metra's Marketing Department by email at or by calling 312-322-6740.

Downtown Stations, Outlying Stations and Train Advertising

All train and station advertising for Metra is handled by Clear Channel Outdoor. For more information, contact Andy Walter - - 773-843-2071
Train w/Illinois Ad on Side

Train Wrap Advertising

Looking for a completely different way to get your message to your target market? Try wrapping a train. As the sole advertiser, your message will be the only one seen by those riding the train and those watching as the train rolls by. For more information, contact Andy Walter - - 773-843-2071

Station Sampling

If you’re introducing a new product, what better way to do so then by putting a sample directly in the hands of your potential customers? Hundreds of thousands of commuters pass through Metra stations every weekday, and through our Station Sampling program you can reach each one of them. For more information, contact Andy Walter - - 773-843-2071. All station sampling requests are subject to approval.

Train Schedule Booklets

Reaching a wide audience is vital to business today and now Metra offers you the opportunity to direct your advertising message to a prime consumer base - Metra train riders.  Individual rail line schedules are printed in minimum quantities of 25,000. These schedules are reused by commuters and shared by co-workers, families, students and visitors and are distributed at Metra stations, libraries, village/city offices and other public places, as well as numerous private businesses reaching thousands of people each year. Eleven different commuter rail schedules are printed, with a total of over two million schedules printed every year. An attractive feature is that advertisers can purchase space for a particular line or for multiple rail line schedules. Please contact Metra's Marketing Department by email at or by calling 312-322-6740.

Ticket-by-Mail Program

Our Ticket-by-Mail Program is just the ticket for your direct mail. Each month riders who request to receive their monthly tickets through the mail can also receive your message. When their envelope arrives, we guarantee it gets opened and your message gets seen. Only non-competing advertisers appear in each mailing. Please contact Michael Abbate by e-mail at or by calling 312-322-6741.

On the Bi-Level Commuter Newsletter

Metra’s popular On the Bi-Level newsletter is distributed on trains and posted on Metra's website every month. It is read by tens of thousands of riders and reaches some of the Chicago area’s savviest consumers. For details about advertising in the newsletter, please contact

Banner Display Ads

Metra provides an efficient way for local businesses to connect with visitors to Metra’s website. Metra has partnered with Municipal Media Solutions to give businesses the opportunity to display banner ads on Metra pages, as well as on our mobile optimized website. We also welcome regional and national advertisers. For more information, email, or call Bob Hoyler at 847-922-1584.
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